Women’s Empowerment Program

The economic crisis has dramatically affected black and Hispanic women in New York City. Women who come to STRIVE are increasingly living in homeless shelters, experiencing multiple hardships, and facing declining public services. The majority of our female clients have children, live at or below 200% of the poverty line, and are on public assistance. Many are the sole guardians and providers for their families.

The STRIVE Women’s Empowerment Program offers female-focused mentoring and training services, in the form of Specialized Case Management:

Each STRIVE female participant is assigned to an adviser who works closely with the participant to address specific needs while they are enrolled in STRIVE programs. The goal of these services is to remove obstacles that could prevent a client from finding or retaining a job.

Our female focused adviser provides the extra mentoring support that women need to move from public assistance into work.

To learn about opportunities to get involved in the STRIVE Women’s Empowerment Program, contact Lynette Hall.