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Women’s Empowerment Luncheon 2014

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Special thanks to the Luncheon Benefit Committee Members: Judy McElnea (Board Member and Committee Chair), Elaine Brodsky, Lindsey Cohen, Emily Curtis, Lynne Dominick, Maria Godoy, Lisa Gyselen, Lindsay Hooper, Kerry Powers, Leslie Rahl, Cindy Riccardi, Laurie Rosenfield, Libby Schnee, Laura Slutsky (Board Member), Lorie Torpey, Dana Tyler, Patricia Wynn

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Bob’s Discount Furniture

This morning STRIVE received its first monthly installment of five (5) gift cards from Bob’s Discount Furniture, valued at $200 each, for distribution to clients in need of home furnishings upon returning to the community. Bob’s has generously agreed to donate five (5) cards per month for the next eight (8) months.

This adds up to an in-kind donation of $8,000 that STRIVE clients can use to support their quest for an ever improving life. A big “thank you” to Bob’s for their donation!

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Walmart Foundation: STRIVE Grads Skill-Up

In 2013, STRIVE received funding from the Walmart Foundation to administer the Walmart Skills Training Initiative, providing occupational skills training to 200 individuals across three STRIVE sites in Boston, New York and Washington DC.

The training was designed to prepare participants for the skills required in specific industry sectors, such as construction, office operations, hospitality, and healthcare, so that they could gain credentials that would boost their employability and salary expectations.

All participants in the Walmart Skills Training Initiative were required to be graduates of STRIVE’s signature four-week CORE Job Readiness program, which has proved to help increase completion and success in skills training programs and employment outcomes.

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Happy Holidays from STRIVE

Help put a parent to work this holiday season.

“I needed a miracle. STRIVE was my miracle.”

Dear Friend,

Last week, the New York Times published Andrea Elliott’s heartbreaking profile of Dasani, an “invisible child” whose life is plagued by homelessness and poverty. Dasani has quickly become an example of the stark wealth divide that exists in New York City.

At STRIVE, we work with men and women facing the same challenges as Dasani’s mother each day. Her cry is our mission: “I want my kids to be able to come see me at my job, pick up my paycheck… It’s my time to shine.”

We believe every parent should shine – every parent should be able to provide for their family. Investing in a parent’s ability to work is the most reliable way to positively impact a family. Beyond financial security, employment leads to better nutrition, increased school attendance, greater housing stability.

This holiday season, help a family like Dasani’s shine. Give a gift to STRIVE to put a parent to work today.


Thank you,

Phil Weinberg

President & CEO


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Senator Gillibrand Introductory Address at STRIVE’s Women’s Empowerment Lunch

Senator Gillibrand Introductory Address at STRIVE’s Women’s Empowerment Lunch

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