Support Services

For many of our graduates, employment through STRIVE will be the first experience of working in a structured, demanding environment. Our program is designed to train and place participants quickly, in as little as one month. But some clients need intensive support to prepare them to succeed in the rigorous work world. To accommodate diverse personal needs and situations, STRIVE provides Support Services, mentoring participants to overcome the barriers that can prevent a successful transition to employment.

Each STRIVE participant is assigned to a Case Manager who works closely with the participant to address specific needs while they are enrolled in STRIVE programs. The goal of these services is to remove obstacles that could prevent a client from finding or retaining a job.

STRIVE sites provides a broad array of support services, including referrals for child care, legal assistance, one-on-one and group mentoring sessions, housing placement, substance abuse treatment, medical and mental health services, domestic violence counseling, parenting skills and referrals to others services as needed. Contact your local STRIVE to learn more about the specific support services provided.