Job Placement

STRIVE’s Job Developers across the country have long-term relationships with thousands of employers, many of whom have hired STRIVE graduates for years. Many of these organizations comprise STRIVE’s Industry Advisory Councils. Many of these partenrs provide not only vital employment pipelines for our graduates, but also feedback on our vocational skills curriculum to ensure that we equip our clients with the most relevant, up-to-date credentials.

Participants are trained in techniques for a successful interview and are taught how to write a resume and research job opportunities. The Job Developers set up interviews and placements for each participant and conduct follow-up with the STRIVE graduate and the employer to ensure a successful transition.

Job Developers introduce participants to the concept of “career ladders” and the importance of succeeding at entry-level jobs that act as the first rungs of an upward path to career advancement and financial sustainability. Participants are coached in how to build a long-term career through consistent employment, advances in responsibility, and ongoing educational credentialing to improve salary and title.

Immediately upon graduation, the Job Developer researches appropriate jobs with each graduate and helps in setting up interviews. During the hiring decision-making process, they actively follow up with both the graduate and employer.

We have placed graduates in entry-level and growth-opportunity positions in numerous fields, such as manufacturing, construction, retail, non-profit, office administrative, healthcare, security, custodial, and food-services industries.

All of STRIVE’s graduates are welcome to return to STRIVE at any time to receive help with re-placement in a new job.

Special thanks to our Industry Advisory Councils:

Construction and Maintenance Advisory Council: ANDO International, C&C Managers, Columbia University, Environmental Protection Agency, The Mayor’s Office on Environmental Remediation, McKissack & McKissack, Dudley & Associates Electrical, GreenStreet, Solar One, Photovoltaic Products Plus, Microecologies, Noble Strategy, FEMA, Helberg Electrical, Conservo Partners, and All in One Construction.

Health and Office Operations Advisory Council: Mount Sinai Medical Center, Dennelisse (Manhattan and Bronx), All Med, New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation, Ralph Lauren Cancer Center, Harold P. Freeman Institute, Montefiore, Tact Medical Staffing, Healthfirst, The Institute for Family Health, New York Alliance for Careers in Healthcare, Continuum Health Partners, Bronx Lebanon, Lower West, Workforce1 Healthcare Career Center, Independence Residences, Inc., Ricks CQ, City Health Works, Urban Horizons Family Health Center, Walton Family Health Center and Center for Counseling, Amsterdam Center & East 13th Street Family Practice, Public Health Solutions, East Harlem Council for Human Services, Inc. (Boriken Clinic), and Columbia Universtity School of Nursing.