Attitudinal and Job Readiness

Attitudinal and Job Readiness Training

A tough love, no excuses approach to job readiness.

The core of the STRIVE employment model is the Attitudinal and Job Readiness training, a four week workshop that takes a tough love, no excuses approach to work readiness. This curriculum delves into the root causes of a person’s inability to obtain and keep a job, mentoring participants towards the attitudes and workplace behaviors they need to overcome employment obstacles and transform their lives.

Participants learn how to follow instructions, accept criticism and function as team members, through role-playing and the performance of tasks in a simulated work environment. In this environment, participants can be dismissed or “terminated” for not adhering to standards or fulfilling their responsibilities. The program model is underpinned by a workshop principle that insists that people don’t “get fired” – they “fire” themselves.

STRIVE also mentors clients in how to dress and speak in a work-appropriate manner and to write resumes, fill out job applications, and interview. Activities are conducted through individual and team-based assignments, in-class exercises, and classroom seminars and cover the following six components:

  • Soft-skills training (the attitudinal/motivational component)
  • Job readiness
  • Career development
  • Computer skills training
  • Customer service
  • Civics

Our Attitudinal and Job Readiness training aims to change participants’ attitudes toward authority, culture and peers, enabling them to succeed in further skills training or education programs as well as the workplace. Our training is proven effective at increasing participants’ job retention rates and wage earnings, as well as reducing education and vocational programs’ attrition rates.