STRIVE Youth Services

With more than 33% of young high school graduates unemployed or underemployed, there is growing agreement that more needs to be done to help young adults get ready to work.  Nationwide, one quarter of those enrolled in STRIVE International’s CORE program are aged 18-24.

In addition, in 2015 STRIVE launched STRIVE Future Leaders, a new program designed especially for use with STRIVE clients age 24 and under.  The manual was developed in collaboration with MDRC and the Youth Development Institute, with support from the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

STRIVE Future Leaders is currently being used by 10 STRIVE sites implementing U.S. Department of Labor-funded programs for justice-involved youth living in high-poverty, high-crime neighborhoods.  Research shows that having an arrest decreases employment opportunities more than any other employment-related stigma, and STRIVE Future Leaders helps youth overcome this barrier.

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